easy layered skirt from a plain pattern

29 Apr

For this tutorial, I started with Simplicity pattern 2356, skirt A. It is a very basic “circle skirt.”

You will need:

  • About 2 yards of fabric, depending on size, fabric design, etc.
  • elastic waist band


  • I added two layers
  • I changed the overall shape of the skirt from a circle to a D shape, with the flat section in the front. This allows the finished skirt to hang evenly in the front and back.
easy layered skirt from plain pattern

step 1: cut out “slip casting” and “front and back” (pieces 1 and 2). Cut the “front and back” piece in half lengthways, and cut the bottom section in half again.


step 2: cut out layers. I used remnants, and matched pink fabric with a plain cotton broadcloth for the bottom layer.


All pieces laid out.

sew all circles together

sew all circles together


flatten the front of the bottom layer to make a “D” shape. The curved part of the D is the back of the skirt, the flat part is the front. Add the second layer, and trim the front to match bottom layer. Then do the same for the top layer.

finish the edges of each layer. Then sew all layers together at top of skirt.

finish the edges of each layer. Then sew all layers together at top of skirt. position casing so that it will cover your elastic waist band.


Fold casing over top of elastic, and use “stitch-in-the-ditch” technique to finish skirt.



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