Legend pattern on Spoonflower

25 Jul


Meet legend, my latest little spoonflower creation. It’s for the highways and byways competition. I wanted to take map icons and remix them to create a work of art that is interesting and playful. So a few extra icons also had to jump into the mix. First, England has a new prince and I wanted a part of that in the mix, so the baby blue crown is above the crossing sign, signaling a royal change. There is an astronaut claiming love in the name of his country, a film camera watching, the restaurant icon has food in the spoon and on the fork, a dinosaur considers fast food, the question mark next to the TARDIS, and a few other little visual puns for fun. Thanks for checking out my little design. Please feel free to share it with your friends, and of course it is for sale in my spoonflower shop.


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