power up

31 Jul

blog powerMy artistic vision? Betabrand power pants. Oh, don’t get me wrong. The design is plenty gamer-centric enough to be featured as a lead line. Here’s why: 1. Its a great fit with the brand image. you gotta have a little chutzpah to put these babies on. Basically, it’s a go with the disco line. 2. I’ll admit it. There’s a little innuendo here. Maybe I think it’s a good thing to have power pants. “I’m wearing my power pants today” would just kinda set the right tone for the work crowd, don’t you think? Bonus: they’re loading, so that means you’re paying attention (at least to the red head). The 8- bit Challenge Alright, so this design is a throw-back. “Rainbows, really” You say. But no! There’s more. In an earlier version of this design, I catalogued all the colors in the 256 Hex library with charming chevrons: 8 bit chevron Yes. It’s a working library, and each color is labeled with the correct HEX number. It’s kinda a habit of mine … I really need to spend less time on the computer. Step Right this Way! We’ve got power bars showing that energy levels are rising and plenty of pixel – byte ratios to keep you thinking about it while you go forth to conquer the world! I give you power pants. Enjoy.


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