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How to make butterfly wings

29 Sep

how to make butterfly wings

You will need:

A fat quarter of black velvet

white acrylic paint and other colors

hot glue and glue gun

9 metal coat hangers

wire cutters

1 plastic milk jug

About 4 inches of a black feather boa



1. cut the hooks off of of two of the coat hangers. Twist about 4 inches of two ends together to form one very long wire. Bend this long wire around into the shape of a butterfly’s top wing, wrapping about 4 inches of the other end together to complete the shape.

steps 1 and 2

2. Repeat to create the other top wing. Before completing the the shape, wrap the coat hanger around the first wing where the center meets.

3. Wrap ends of butterfly wing shapes together.

steps 3 and 4

4. Attach wings together by wrapping wires together at base of the butterfly wing structure.

5 & 6. Repeat with all wings to form wire skeleton for butterfly wings

steps 5 and 6

7. Attach a wire hook for support.

Using your last coat hanger, cut off the hook and discard. Bend the body in half and wrap ends around wire framework at base.

steps 7 and 8

8. Cut out a flat piece of a plastic milk jug and attach to the wire hook (this adds comfort and support to the wings. You may also like to create a harness for the wings by attaching a wide ribbon to the plastic as shoulder straps.

9. lay the wire frame onto the black velvet. cut out the upper butterfly wing shape as one piece. Cut out each lower wing separately. Give yourself about a one inch seam allowance.

step 9





10. Firmly pull the black velvet as you glue it to itself around the wire (like stretching a canvas)

step 10

11. Paint your pattern with white paint so that a layer of colored paint on top of it will be bright. Let it dry completely before adding color.

step 11


12. Add colored acrylic paint and the boa for finishing touch.

step 12


Enjoy and share!